P&G are now 21 months old and over the course of the past month or so the most evident (and hilarious) development has been saying each other’s names. I started hearing G do it several months ago but I couldn’t tell for sure.

I sometimes call P “bubby” and in the past few months I would hear G as she meandered around the apartment, saying something that sounded a lot like bubby (bubba, baba, baby) and then when she found him a big smile would spread across her face. I decided to make a pointed effort not to call him bubby anymore, but instead call him by his full name. Soon after that (around 20 months) she started saying his name, too. Not just saying it, actually– yelling it. Running around shaking her finger at him and saying “no, no, Paahkah!”. In the past few weeks P has now started saying G’s name, too. At this point it’s become necessary as part of their twin scheming, so that they can call out to each other for commands and directions.

And these two can be big-time schemers.


Don’t get me wrong, the scheming is not new. Soon after we moved to New York (circa 17 months old) I discovered a frenzy of activity happening around their princess castle. Hush-hush voices–they were mumbling something to each other in there but I could not decipher what. I would pop my head in and see them scrambling, stuffed animals flying. I figured they were just playing. Then they would exit the castle separately. One time, however, I noticed G’s hands were behind her back and she was chewing. I found that odd because I hadn’t fed them since breakfast several hours prior. I approached her and she ran from me, stuffing her hands in her mouth. After I chased her down and searched her mouth, I found nothing. Again, I popped my head in the castle.  a scene of mass animal kingdom chaos lay before me. I decided to look around to see what might be hiding amongst the animals and discovered, to my horror, Sour Patch Kids laying in piles underneath the stuffed animals. I started gathering them in my hands, some were half-eaten balls of jelly. Disgusting. I still have no idea how they got their hands on this bag of Sour Patch Kids and turned their princess castle into a sour-patch laundering, post-prohibition era candy speakeasy.

They continue to run schemes together on the daily.


Yesterday we had our regular box of supplies from Amazon arrive (diapers, wipes, snacks). After I put away the contents, I leave the empty boxes by the door for my husband to carry down with him on his way out in the morning. But when G woke up this morning she found the box and immediately carried it off to the living room corner like it was a secret prized possession she had discovered. “Pahkah, Pahkah! Ook!” She said, waving him to the corner with her as she jumped in the box.



The best part is this new stage requires all kinds of discussion and cooperation — twin team work. I had heard it can hinder speech development because twins tend to talk in their own language as opposed to using real words. So far, though, this twin talk has been a welcome addition to our lives, other than the candy laundering…



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