This past weekend was awesome.

There is nothing better than a weekend away with your girls, right? I mean seriously. I love my husband and kids, of course. But girlfriends are the best. We went to see Britney’s Vegas show (amazing), walked to Serendipity 3 for frozen hot chocolates, enjoyed delicious meals, checked out some retail/fashion inspiration for our Multiplicitees products, and just had the greatest time.


I don’t often get time away from P&G; as I’ve talked about before, it’s typically my husband gone on business trips and me holding down the fort at home. So as a stay at home mom, it felt great to get a break from my day job.

But the best part, aside from all of the bonding time with my friends, was how much I missed my kids.

I try hard not to take any second I have with them for granted. I’m constantly reminded, by my friends…by my elders…by Pinterest…that these years fly by, and before you know it your littles are adults.

I caught myself immediately talking about P&G and how much I missed them when I got to the hotel. It didn’t help that the flight was almost 5 hours so I had a lot of time to scroll through the pictures of all their cuteness on my phone the whole way down to Vegas.

On Monday, when we left (having only been there for 48 hours), I almost cried I was SO excited to be returning home to my tiny employers. I returned home with a renewed spirit of Happy Mom. My goal everyday is to do something that makes that day fun for them–be it going to the park, playing with friends, checking out a new play place, the library, or a museum. Ironically, being away from them for a couple days, and having some time to reflect, made me more determined than ever to make every day count, and appreciate every moment with them.

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