8:05a – Kids are up. Already defying the orders of the PT Gods – step 1 was to put both kids in a t-shirt and no pants. G was already saying when we walked into her room this morning “I want a NEW dress mama. New dress.” No shirt for her. So, P is in underwear and a tee and G is in underwear and a dress.

8:10a – threw diapers out. Introduced kids to potty and training urinal. P tried to sit on the training urinal and broke it.

8:20a – Eating a ‘fiber rich’ breakfast of banana bread, fruit and oatmeal…and juice.

8:30a – P is demanding we take his underwear off and put his pants back on.

9:10a – one hour in. No pottying yet. Trying to entice my kids to drink more by offering them “juicy water” in psychedelic emoji cups with red and white candy cane straws.  Also, P is now officially potty training naked.

10:05a – P drank 5 cups of water and peed but not in time to make it to the potty. My normally sweet, reserved little boy is defiantly refusing anything to do with going potty on the potty.

10:30a – Feeling like a broken record saying “Let us know when you need to go potty, OK?” every two minutes.

11:00a – second pee for P that didn’t make it to the potty. G still has not had to go yet….

11:35a – P peed in my lap as I was reminding him to tell me when he needs to pee. I moved him over to the potty but he had already finished peeing so no dice. As I came downstairs from changing into new pee-free clothes, I watched G start to dribble in her chair. I quickly moved her to the potty and we finally got some pee in the potty. We did a little dance, and G got her reward toy and is now happy as a clam playing w/ her new tea set.

11:50a – down for a nap with <<gasp>> pull-ups on! Even though it is not advised with this method to use pull-ups, we decided having to wash the sheets every nap and bed time was not for us. Tried to make them both potty right before going down as we have been instructed to do. They sat on the potty but neither would go. Ready for round two after nap time…

2:30p – up from naps. Sat both kids down on the potty post-nap to try but neither went.

3:15p – force feeding my kids liquids feels really strange but I can now see how this three day method would not be successful without doing so… it seems to take one ton of “juicy water” before my kids have to pee.

4:30p – we had a long dry spell and then had a handful of accidents right in a row where we missed getting one to the potty because we were both trying to coax the other to finish in the potty. Finally though, P has GONE. IN. THE POTTY. But G, whom we had hope for earlier in the day, had two accidents in a row that did not end in the potty.

5:19p – we ate dinner and stopped drinking fluids just prior. had one more accident with P that did not make it to the potty. So far today, only two pees have made it in the potty (one each), and both started as accidents. This potty training stuff is not for sissies.


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