7:00a – kids are up and in undies. Despite our efforts to get them on the potty first thing when they woke up, neither went.

8:00a – we’ve eaten breakfast and the kids are on a steady diet of juice and water. No pee yet.

9:00a – first accident of the day. P peed right between the both of us in the kitchen in his underwear. Afterward he said “I have to pee” and I ran him to the potty, but there was nothing left to go. We’ve now told him the undies are “all gone” and trying it naked again so that hopefully next time he will tell us right before…

9:32a – FINALLY! A WIN! P has peed in the potty and told us beforehand. All hail the potty gods!!!

9:55a – P has had several accidents since the above win, mostly resulting in pee in the potty at the end. Then the most recent time – he told us beforehand. He is apparently not emptying his bladder fully when he sits down on the potty to go. G continues to prove she has the bladder of an elephant and has yet to pee today.

11:26a – down for naps. One accident from G that did not end in the potty. Headed to Walmart to get some more “surprise toys” bc apparently m&ms and stickers aren’t cutting it.

2:20p – up from naps and G came up to us to say “Poop, poop” after coming downstairs. So excited that she might go #2 on the potty, we set her on it and then waited. And waited. Finally after sitting for 15 minutes, she decided she was not going. But she told us beforehand, seemed to know she needed to go, and tried to anyway, so that’s what matters! Feeling hopeful…

2:45p – G peed on her way to the potty while telling us she needed to pee. This is promising.

4:16p – bladders have finally caught up and we have been having a pee-for-all windfall. The good news is, both kids are telling us either right before or right when starting to pee.

6:56p – kids in bed. No one would pee or poop before bed and neither child pooped today so I’m hoping that I don’t wake up to some surprises tomorrow in their “night time undies” aka  pull-ups.


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