We’ve been approaching potty training for about a year. It’s been quite a slow approach. It’s kind of like when you’re on a flight and you hear the pilot say, “We are now approaching our descent for landing” but it’s still 45 minutes until you land. Well, we’ve been approaching our descent for landing for awhile now, and we’ve had a lot of false starts. It’s time to land. This weekend.

So this is it. I’ve read the books, I’ve talked to friends. Saturday morning, we’re going all in. We are doing the three day method, electing to be shut-ins for three consecutive days for a variety of reasons, not the least being because potty training in public makes me nervous, and also because I’ve tried potty training them with clothes on over their underwear and it did not work.

Here’s what I have in preparation for landing:

1. 20 pairs of underwear per kid (is that enough? let’s hope so)

2. Some leftover diapers to “throw out” in front of/with the kids tomorrow morning (apparently we have to do this for the literal/visual interpretation that they need to understand the immediate transition to undies. Or something.)

3. Two kid potties (one for upstairs and one for downstairs bathrooms) and two toilet seat covers/potty converters, and one kiddie urinal to try to teach P to pee standing up like the big boys do it. I do have a third stand alone potty that I mayy choose to take out of my car and place in our kitchen/living room. The only reason being that I am nervous about it taking too long for them to get to the bathroom and although I know it’s not advisable to have the potties in living spaces, I am hoping to avoid staining the carpets….

4. Coffee filters for the inside of the potties (because the one time one of my kids did successfully go poop on the potty, cleaning it out after was just about the grossest thing ever)

5. Toys/prizes for going potty – four big toys to promote their first big wins – first pee and poop of the day

6. Gummies – for subsequent potties

7. Stickers and chart to track each potty

8. T-shirts (and no pants). I had to prep my kids by being pantsless all day today in just a tee and diaper. They aren’t used to it and I knew they wouldn’t like it initially (they cried for the better part of an hour).

9. Juice, and fun new cups and straws to promote lots of drinking (and lots of practice on the potty.

10. All the snacks and food we need, so we don’t have to leave the house! Wish us luck!

I am going to try to live-blog our PT bootcamp – check back in tomorrow for an update on how we’re doing…



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