Step one in living every day authentically: admit that your brain is only operating at 50%.

These are just the facts, my friends.

After spending two weekends away from my home and kids this summer I made an astonishing discovery–my brain recovered to 100% operational capacity. I finally felt like a normal human being who could compute basic math and formulate a semi-sophisticated sentence. I could be contemplative and unfrenzied. I could be organized and tell you exactly where my keys were (ok that last one is not necessarily true, but not necessarily a lie).

I cannot pinpoint precisely what it is that has caused this particular ailment. It could be the endless piles of laundry that sit in our room and no matter how much I work on them they neither go up nor down.

It is possibly the fact that we have moved more times in the last five years than most people do in their entire lives, and are still in a state of transition. #apartmentlife4ever

Or could it be my two little bosses that follow me around everywhere, all day long? Providing hugs and kisses and orders and demands. They’re hungry, they’re cold, they need water, a new diaper, a certain toy they cannot find. It truly is exhausting, but also so fulfilling.

I met my sister, who has three children of her own, for lunch today and explained my discovery, with excitement. Because now that I have made the discovery, there’s hope for a cure! End of toddlerhood=end of brain function shortage! (see, I cannot even make basic grammatical sense anymore).

But my sister gently laid down the bad news. There’s no end in sight. Because after toddlerhood is school carpool coordination, multi-evening sporting events, doing homework, forgetting homework, driving that forgotten homework to school, after-school extracurriculars, parent-teacher meetings, etc, etc. Apparently I will get my brain back in 16 years. Until then, please forgive me. For I am only operating at half capacity.




















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