P&G turned 2 two days ago. I’m late posting about it. It seems I’m running late with everything lately. I’ve never been someone who’s chronically late. I like to be punctual, if not early. But now with two kids in tow…I’m late. Often. I always underestimate how much time it will take for me to get the kids ready, and overestimate my ability to get them ready quickly.


Today, however, for their 2-year check-up we were early! Hooray!




This milestone visit included their Hep A shot, and a hemoglobin and lead finger prick, along with a developmental interview (Are they talking in 2-3 word sentences? Are they starting to dress/undress themselves? Are they able to eat using utensils?). I was happy that they were all up to speed on the developmental check list. And happy that they did well with their shots this visit, for the first time ever – no screaming and crying. It helps that our pediatrician’s office has a great play area that they love to run to right after their appointments are finished. The cutest part of this visit, and the biggest change from their previous visits, was the way that they comforted each other while the other one was being examined. They both stood right next to each other while being examined and G was even patting P saying “S’ okay, s’okay!”. My heart melts.



Along with the standard developmental check list, P&G are doing so well at 2 years. I’m pleased as punch (a nod to their southern roots).


At 2 years, P loves:

Taking apart everything he can get his hands on, and putting it back together

Saying the phrase “Happy Day” all day long

Singing his ABCs (what he knows of them so far)


Anything that sprays water

Plugging our chargers into our phones

Reading his books

Buckling the stroller seat belts (while it is stationed in our entryway)

Saying “Hi guys!” when we enter a room of people

Standing on my feet and making me walk around while gripping onto my legs


and hates:

Sitting in a high chair

Getting his hair cut


At 2, G loves:

Giving hugs

Chocolate & cupcakes (And saying “cookie peease!” when she wants any kind of sweet, cookie or not)

Expressing her emotions

Feeding her food to her brother, dad and mom

Cuddling with her stuffed animals

Momo the monkey

Putting on lotion & lip gloss

Giving everyone a piece of her mind. “No, no, no. Stop. Don’t!”

Swinging on the rings at the playground (with help)


And hates:

Getting dirty (must have wet ones on me at all times for her)

Being cold







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