For several weeks now I’ve been picking my friends’ brains about potty training. It’s looming over me like a storm cloud. I don’t know why potty training is so daunting. After tackling colic, NICU stays, acid reflux, RSV and more so far, I surprised myself at how much angst I have for this upcoming challenge of transitioning out of diapers.

G seems like she is about ready to be trained. She has developed a ritual around going #2 and it generally consists of scuttling off to the corner and squatting, but sometimes it involves climbing in her pink lego wagon to squat between the seats inside of it – genius right? And even more indicative to me that she is ready. But P doesn’t seem interested whatsoever, and gives me no cues prior to or during going potty.

Thus, my potty training paradox as a twin mom. Do I go ahead and potty train G? They’re still a couple months away from turning 2, so it seems a bit early even if she is giving me cues. From what I hear, boys do better being potty trained closer to 2.5 or after (but I hear so many conflicting pieces of advice).

My natural inclination is to go through each phase simultaneously with both kids, as we have done with sleep training, transitioning from bottle to sippy cup, transitioning out of the swaddle, etc. Another potty training quandary – do we start introducing them to the potty gradually or rip the bandaid off and shut ourselves in for one long potty-centric weekend with the hopes of making great strides in a short amount of time as many other families we know have done.

This is a meandering post, and I’m now getting to my real purpose in writing this today. I would LOVE to hear from you….When did you start potty training? Did you train your twins at the same time? What worked for you and what didn’t?

2 thoughts on “The (twin) potty training paradox

  1. Shawna

    Yes! I’m having a similar conundrum. My twins are just barely 2 and one of my girls has been showing signs for about a month. Very vocal when she has gone #2, talks about the potty, wants to watch when I go potty (what fun!). But it seems like it could be easier and harder to do one at a time. For now, I get them both to sit on the potty before and after bath and I’m going to start with sitting on it when they wake up soon too. I also have a potty in the living rm so that they can interact with it and it’s more visible and not scary. When we get to the training, I think I’m going to do the whole: hide in my house for 3 days and don’t come out till we’re in panties sorta thing. For my girl that seems ready – I think being focused on it will really help it click. For the other one, ha, who knows right now. I’ll try it, but there’s no harm in going back to diapers if it doesn’t click!
    Can’t wait to hear what others say!


  2. Rebecca

    I have 3 year old boy/girl twins. I had exactly the same thoughts about potty training but actually it’s not as terrifying as I had imagined. We tried to potty train simultaneously at 2years 3month with no success. I shelved the idea and tried again at 2 years 7months and our daughter was dry day and night within 2 days, my son has only just managed a dry week this week at 3years exactly. Stressful – yes but worth it and waiting unt they were ready individually was definitely right for us. Xx


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