There is good news: Today was so. much. better.

I couldn’t continue with my live blogging because I had to leave for the first half of the day to attend an orientation with a local org. I am going to be working with this fall while the kids are in school. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to get involved with it, but the timing for the orientation wasn’t great. My husband had to take over for this final day of the 3-day potty training method, and I was surprised to get a positive report from him when I returned home – both kids peed in the potty while I was gone, telling my husband beforehand, and P went on command pre-naptime. Both also pooped around nap time, but not in the potty.

After I returned home, G pooped in her underwear without telling us beforehand (or squatting — she was simply sitting in her PB Anywhere chair), then came running up to me with a clump of poo in her hands, followed by, “I have to potty”. We ran to her Elmo potty and she peed exclusively in the potty. Afterward we did a potty dance and she got a new princess dress (her favorite) for letting me know before and exclusively peeing in the potty .

Again after dinner, G told us she had to pee, and went exclusively in the toilet. She is getting the hang of things, and I do feel the 3-day method has essentially worked on her, outside of going #2, but she hasn’t had as much practice with that one in the past three days. P is a bit more of a work-in-progress, but we have seen significant improvement. The thing with potty training little boys is that, logistically, it’s a bit more complicated. He wasn’t quite ready for the training urinal, but sitting on the potty to pee is a bit confusing to him, and it’s usually pretty messy, which he doesn’t like.

This week I am hoping things continue to gradually improve with our potty training efforts. I am going to start their positive behavior reward sticker chart tonight and using the potty will be included on it — now instead of getting a toy every time they go, they will get a toy for a certain amount of good behavior (having an accident-free week, etc.).

It feels like we’ve been through the worst of it the past three days. As my husband put it, “Yesterday I felt defeated. Today, I am exhausted, but I feel good about things.”

We are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Friends, I’m here to tell you, you can do it, too. It just takes practice (and patience).


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