It’s only fair, since I posted last-minute Mo’s Day gift ideas, that I continue the series with some budget-friendly Father’s Day options:


carpediemT-shirts. I know my husband loves a good casual shirt to wear on his day off. This one would be a good bet if your guy has a sense of humor. Or this one if he’s a big patriot and/or needs a cheeky Fourth of July shirt.


Say it on a onesie. If you have bab(ies) at home, this onesie is the perfect way to greet dad in the morning.


Or, if it’s his first Father’s Day, like it is for my husband, there’s this onesie, too, which comes in blue also if you have twins (as does the one above).

daddy frame

If he’s the sentimental type, I love this handprint/poem/frame keepsake to hang in his office, if you have a baby…


If you favor a Footprint frame, this one’s awesome…

great dad frame

Or, if your kids are older/you want something a little more manly, this Dad frame.


As my family and friends already know, and you can probably tell if you’ve made it this far down the page, I’m a big fan of gifting frames/pictures. A nice, silver double frame (hello, twins) with a picture of your kiddos would be a great idea for Dad, too.


And just to add something fun/useful into the mix, if he’s a chef, or wannabe chef, this meatlovers cookbook looks pretty sweet.






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