I’ve been looking forward to celebrating the twins’ “first” of every holiday this year, and initiating traditions with each one. Just like my mom did for me, I plan to hide their Easter baskets the night before and send them searching around the house on Easter morning for them. Of course, this year I will be hiding the baskets in plain sight, right in front of the babies’ cribs because they are only crawling about an inch at a time (on a really good scoot). Although I won’t be ordering all of the cool Easter toys I’ve been ogling on Etsy, here are some of the most swoon-worthy…


easterbasketLet’s be honest, at 7 months old my babies will have no idea if their Easter baskets have their names embroidered or painted on them, but Etsy has so many adorable personalized Easter baskets. This hand-painted one (pictured left) is my favorite…





easterbaskets…but this one is cheaper and we can never have enough storage tubs in our house now with two infants roaming around.






keysP will be getting a set of these all-natural handmade wooden keys in his basket. How cool? Since he is currently putting everything in his mouth with his front tooth cutting through, I know he will love ‘em.





crochet egg rattlesI’m enamored with these crocheted egg rattles. I ordered a couple to put in P&G’s baskets as decor but I love that they are rattles, too–the babies are in a noisemaker-obsessed phase right now.





headbandEtsy is one of the best marketplaces for baby headbands. Chamomile and Roses is probably my personal favorite Etsy headband shop. I ordered this knot headband for G, and as a bonus, got a matching one for me–how convenient! ;)






bunniesHow can you not give baby a stuffed bunny on their first Easter? These crocheted bunnies come in boy and girl colors and would go great with P&G’s crocheted eggs (they rattle, too). I doubt we will spring for them (more likely we will be picking up their stuffed bunnies the night before at CVS), but they would make great Easter keepsakes.





teethingringThese simple bunny ear teething rings are so sweet and made from organic material & natural hardwood. Perfect for my teething twins on their first Easter.





babdanaBibdanas are all the rage right now. Weestitchery sells them in oh-so adorable prints. I think P would look dashing in the fox print, and G just darling in the feather print (to match her headband, of course).





woodbunnyThis wooden bunny on wheels reminds me of some of my Easter basket toys from childhood. I love the vintage look, but also the fact that it is made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials.





mustacheA bunny-with-a-mustache onesie? Yes, please! And fortunately for G, there is a matching girl onesie with a bow instead of a mustache. 




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