I can’t believe that P&G are closer to one year old than they are to one day old. It doesn’t seem possible that their birthday will be in just a few short months. As they say, time flies…

This month marks the first time they have sat up without support (for longer than two seconds). They are both army crawling now, too. Wiggling their arms and legs around and “swimming” in the air. G is getting her bottom up and knees on the ground–perfect crawling position, she just can’t quite coordinate her body to move forward. Clockwise in a circle, yes; straight ahead, no. P is a great roller. He tumbles around from one end of the room to the other in the blink of an eye (maybe he’ll be a gymnast like his mom?) but hasn’t figured out how to get up onto his knees yet.

They are getting close to being everywhere, and it’s just a little scary for this mom who will soon be outnumbered by two crawlers that want to go in two different directions all over our house. Help!

Baby-proofing is happening this month. It’s honestly something we should have started weeks ago (along with the spring-cleaning, thank-you-note-writing, closet-organizing…the list goes on) but, well, we have twins and we’ve been a little busy. That excuse works for any situation, no? Now that I have kids, I give my fellow parents a break for everything. I know how it is. Life is crazy with kids, but it’s all worth it for these tiny, smiling, giggling, army-crawling cuties.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where G’s sticker is this month, she ripped it to shreds and tried to eat it as soon as I stuck it on her shirt (please pray for us).

Happy 7 months P&G!




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