Every time I come upon a new obstacle in parenthood I approach it with the same tactic: research. Let’s just say disciplining doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m basically a sappy teddy bear and my natural response to any situation with my kids is to immediately cuddle, hug, and smother them in kisses. But as we have delved further into the land of tantrums, it’s become clear to me that as P&G get older, I need to set boundaries  and clear,… Read more »

Step one in living every day authentically: admit that your brain is only operating at 50%. These are just the facts, my friends. After spending two weekends away from my home and kids this summer I made an astonishing discovery–my brain recovered to 100% operational capacity. I finally felt like a normal human being who could compute basic math and formulate a semi-sophisticated sentence. I could be contemplative and unfrenzied. I could be organized and tell you exactly where my… Read more »

No, I’m not announcing that I’m a man trapped in a woman’s body. Not that kind of lie. This phrase actually came up at a writing retreat I attended this past weekend. It’s all the little lies we live on a daily basis. We promote the good, the happy, the “perfect” things in our lives, and hide the sad, the dark, the scary. I learned so much at this retreat, and the most profound was how much pain we all carry… Read more »


P&G turned 2 two days ago. I’m late posting about it. It seems I’m running late with everything lately. I’ve never been someone who’s chronically late. I like to be punctual, if not early. But now with two kids in tow…I’m late. Often. I always underestimate how much time it will take for me to get the kids ready, and overestimate my ability to get them ready quickly.   Today, however, for their 2-year check-up we were early! Hooray!    … Read more »


This past weekend was awesome. There is nothing better than a weekend away with your girls, right? I mean seriously. I love my husband and kids, of course. But girlfriends are the best. We went to see Britney’s Vegas show (amazing), walked to Serendipity 3 for frozen hot chocolates, enjoyed delicious meals, checked out some retail/fashion inspiration for our Multiplicitees products, and just had the greatest time. I don’t often get time away from P&G; as I’ve talked about before,… Read more »


I must admit, I recently canceled our Netflix account. With two energizer bunnies running around, I just couldn’t justify paying for a service we don’t really have time to use anymore, especially when we have cable on top of it. Buuut….with this recent news about its groundbreaking unlimited paid parental leave for the first year after childbirth/adoption, and the ability to come back to work part-time if you so choose, I might just be renewing my account. I remember the angst… Read more »

I’m writing this as I lay in bed with a feverish child sleeping in my arms, Peppa Pig still playing on the T.V. His little (by 2 minutes) sis is stirring in her crib, letting out a sporadic croupy cough here and there. My husband is away on a business trip until tomorrow, or else I would send him in to check on our other sick little one. I often wonder how it would work to parent twins alone. Recently, I’ve had… Read more »

For several weeks now I’ve been picking my friends’ brains about potty training. It’s looming over me like a storm cloud. I don’t know why potty training is so daunting. After tackling colic, NICU stays, acid reflux, RSV and more so far, I surprised myself at how much angst I have for this upcoming challenge of transitioning out of diapers. G seems like she is about ready to be trained. She has developed a ritual around going #2 and it generally consists… Read more »


P&G are now 21 months old and over the course of the past month or so the most evident (and hilarious) development has been saying each other’s names. I started hearing G do it several months ago but I couldn’t tell for sure. I sometimes call P “bubby” and in the past few months I would hear G as she meandered around the apartment, saying something that sounded a lot like bubby (bubba, baba, baby) and then when she found… Read more »


I wrote in my Read a little, Talk a little post that I had been hearing that 18 months was the big month in which speech would increase dramatically for kids, and that I was skeptical. Well, here I am…with my tail between my legs…because months 18-20 have been huge for speech development with P&G. Their vocabularies have quadrupled and then some. At 20 months, they will repeat (or attempt to) almost any word I ask them to (and often when… Read more »