It’s 4:30. The dreaded “witching hour” has begun, and it’s been a long day. My toddlers are literally bouncing off the walls. They’ve both been screaming off and on for the past half hour. The entire room appears to be throbbing…or is it just in my head?


Migraines have become a regular occurrence in my life since becoming a mom to toddlers. I’ve always gotten headaches, but it’s only been recently that they’ve gradually escalated in intensity. I hadn’t necessarily pinpointed the correlation until I was at a pediatrician visit with P&G for their 12-month checkup. They were receiving shots, and because my husband wasn’t able to come to the appointment with me one of the babies had to stay in the stroller as I held the other on my lap for his/her shots. Neither one of them was happy about the situation and they both screamed continuously to let us know. Toward the end of the appointment my pediatrician asked if I had any more questions for her. I mentioned that I had been getting migraines lately and she stopped me mid-sentence and said dryly, with a smile, “Hmm…I have no idea why you would be getting migraines…”.



She suggested I look into Botox, as she had several patients’ parents who had tried it with success.

I had a dermatology appointment coming up so I asked my dermatologist about it, thinking maybe if I was a candidate for it I could get it done there. It’s not that simple, though. For it to be covered through insurance, you have to meet a number of criteria, including first trying a host of prescription medications and submitting a letter from your neurologist that stipulates you get at least 15 migraines per month. Fortunately, as yet, I only get one or two a week. But the thing about migraines is that they make it nearly impossible to be an effective mom. I know it’s unrealistic to always be “on” as a mom. Of course we all have off days. But migraines make the room spin. Migraines make me feel like I’m about to throw up, even though I’m not sick to my stomach at all. Migraines are a HUGE pain in the neck (and head).

For now, I’m sticking with my over-the-counter migraine meds and hoping that once my adorable (but sometimes rowdy) little ones grow out of this phase so will my throbbing head.
















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