I still remember getting fitted for contacts for the first time the summer before 6th grade. Prior to 6th grade I had been wearing glasses (with sweet multi-colored purple and pink frames, obviously) and the idea of heading into middle school with contacts seemed pretty cool. When I sat down at the desk to be fitted, the optometrist casually mentioned that they had new colored lenses available, in case I was interested. Colored lenses?!? Um, yes. Yes I was interested. I started 6th grade with aqua colored eyes, and I was certain that my aqua contact lenses were the coolest invention ever.

Well, I was wrong. Now that that season of my life is over, and I’m a mom, Lasik is the coolest invention ever. You know why? Poo flinging.

Poo flinging has become a regular occurrence. Everyday at nap time, at least one of my children removes their zip-up pajamas (with the zipper on the backside over a duck-taped diaper – yes, this does sound crazy, but the entire ensemble comes pediatrician-recommended to make taking their clothes off as difficult as possible to avoid said poo-flinging). Nonetheless, the children have learned workarounds and overcome our trickery.

So, at least once a week, one of my kids’ diapers that is removed and flung far across the room contains you-know-what. And guess who the clean-up crew is? I wash my hands after, of course, and many times over throughout the day, but this craziness amongst other regular household cleaning that I do – wiping up dirty dishes, stuffy noses, spilled food, etc, means I’m dealing with a lot of bacteria throughout the day.

As a long-term contact wearer (and others reading this can probably relate) conjunctivitis is a recurring issue, although not as frequently for me now as it was back when I first started wearing contacts. Bacteria gets trapped easily under contacts, and I was constantly touching my eyes to insert the lenses, adjust them, or search for the other half of a lens that tore.

It finally occurred to me there was nothing holding me back from Lasik anymore other than fear, and the many benefits were starting to far outweigh the fear. I was 31. My prescription hadn’t changed in years. I had money saved up for it. So I went in for a consultation, which led me to book my operation for three weeks later.

If anyone reading this is considering Lasik, my advice? 1. Do plenty of research and find a good doctor whom you trust and comes recommended. 2. Run, don’t walk. The operation was painless, took maybe 10-15 minutes, and I could see perfectly immediately afterward. They numb your eyes with drops, use a laser to cut a flap in each cornea and then put each eye under a laser (=looking straight into a bright orange light for what felt like only a few seconds) to correct your vision. The entire procedure was ridiculously easy and I left wondering why I hadn’t done it sooner. Will this keep me from getting eye infections when my children fling their diapers across the room? Only time will tell. But, I won’t be touching my eyes everyday anymore and the best part is when I wake up in the middle of the night to tend to a crying child, I no longer trip over every errant toy/shoe/piece of furniture on my way to their bedroom. Lasik is a motherhood win.








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