The big T H R E E has arrived, and I’m later than ever to post about it.

I’m busier than I was at one, or two.

But life has a new rhythm to it, and I like it. I finally – after three years – feel as though I live a “normal” life again after welcoming the twins into the world and moving several times cross country.

Age three though, it comes with its challenges.

Three has been peppered with tantrums, fights over toys, less napping, more defiance, and  some pretty hilarious conversation between the kids.


At age three P loves:

Peeling and eating oranges

Constructing all kinds of pretend / imaginative scenarios

Swimming; although on hiatus from swimming classes, he is our little fish

Reading books (His very favorite right now is about the solar system)

Pretending to wash and dry clothes in his new washer/dryer from Mimi and Gaga

Counting everything (his steps, his toys, fruit snacks, etc.)

Caring for his sister

One of my favorite memories of this month since turning three was when P and I dropped G off at ballet class and I took him across the street to get candy for a mini mommy & P date while she danced. When we returned P ran right up to the door of her classroom and as she walked out, he put his arm around her shoulder and walked with her, just like a parent would. “Did you have fun at ballet? What did you do?”, he asked her. It was such a sophisticated question, and I quickly realized he was mimicking the kinds of things that I ask when I pick them up from school. What struck me was how kind he was toward her. P has a marked domestic and paternal side to him that I cherish so much.


At age three, G loves:

Singing to her baby dolls

Dressing up like a princess – and telling her parents “no” to anything but tulle-trimmed dresses

Eating cookies (preferably iced with sprinkles)

Art projects; she heads straight to the art table in the back of the room at school drop off

Picking flowers (especially from other people’s yards, this has become somewhat of a problem…)

GOING POTTY! Our G was potty trained in three days and has stuck with it ever since. So proud. (Wearing pull-ups at night, but still!)

Giving really big bear hugs

My favorite thing about G is her capacity to love and show affection. I compare her to the sun often – you can’t help but feel warm in her presence. She is truly a joy to be around.

Cheers to three!









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