My husband and I started P&G in swim lessons shortly after they turned 9 months old.

 Upon mentioning this to other moms, I’ve gotten a variety of responses, ranging from “Isn’t that a little young?” to “I’ve heard it’s best to start them in swim lessons by 6 months.”

Several people have told me that they’ve been told to introduce babies to swimming in a pool before 12 months of age.


It’s funny the things you hear when you become a parent.

Everyone and their mother (literally) are sure that they know the best course of action for you to take in any given parenting situation. And each new piece of advice contradicts the last thing you heard. Of course, the truth is that only you and your doctor know what is best for your child(ren).


For us, it was personal. We started to notice when the babies were four months old how much they love taking baths. Especially P. He splashes and kicks with relentless enthusiasm the entire time he’s in the tub. G giggles nonstop, trying to wiggle out of my arms and swoosh around our tub.


We knew they would love being able to have the freedom to splash and kick in a much bigger tub, so we signed them up for the first summer swim session at the local YMCA.


And they do love it. Oh, how they love it.


I can’t say they’re learning a whole lot, although they seem to be catching onto the concept of sitting on the ledge and jumping into the pool when we tell them to (and with our assistance). Apparently, there are 9-month-olds out there that can truly swim, like these prodigal twins.


In our class, they are currently learning to kick, splash, float on both belly and back, jump in from the edge, and enter the pool/walk on the stairs while holding onto the edge.


 I wish I could tell you that P&G are making great strides and these lessons are teaching them exceptional swimming skills.


Who knows if they’re actually going to remember any of these things.


But that’s not really the goal for us.


Our goal is to have fun, get them used to the water, and if by chance they soak up some skills and a love of swimming in the process, well how great would that be?











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