My sister said this to me when her son was our babies’ age.

Be careful, at 9 months they trick you.

Meaning, they make you think you want another. It’s true, they are pretty darn cute at this age.

They are learning new things every day.

They are crawling, pulling themselves up to standing position, taking their first steps.

Their personalities are really diverging.

P is charming and personable. He smiles at everyone and giggles and laughs at other kids or babies that he spots when we are out and about.

G is more into things than people. If you see her out and about, she might just scowl at you. But she will look adorable doing it.

She wants to know how everything works and she will study a certain object for a very long time until she figures it out. She has excellent dexterity.

G is talking, loudly, non-stop and P is very quiet. G says dada, mama, nana, baba, and what sounds like “What?” all the time. P is saying less pronounced babbles and major boy grunts, as well as what sounds like “Hi”. I listen to them going back and forth together all day long: “What?” “Hi.” “Whaa?” “Hiii”.


I am constantly breaking up crawling collisions–where one baby runs into the other and instead of moving to the side, he or she decides just to try to crawl right on top of the other babies’ body, resulting in screams and cries. Super (un)fun for mommy. My back hurts, big time.

But, they are so fun right now, and do I wish they would stay this adorable age forever, achy-breaky-back and all? Yep. Do I want another, though? …Someday? Maybe. But in the near future? No. No, thank you.

Happy 9 months, P&G! We love you!


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