Our babies are six months old today, and what a milestone month it is.

IMG_8163They are starting to sit up on their own, sleeping through the night, attempting to crawl, talking and interacting with each other, playing with their feet, eating their hands (and toys) nonstop, and wanting to grab, pull, and explore everything with their tiny tentacles, also known as uncoordinated baby hands.

They are not yet cutting any teeth, saying any discernible words, (though they do like to talk) or going down easily for naps.

We have made it through the shock of the babies’ first month, the colicky second month, the scary first round of shots, angst-ridden first flight, creating structure via a fifth month schedule, and sleep training.

Now it’s time to celebrate the happy little sixth-month-olds they have become.


We love your smile, chuckle, attitude and sass.

We love your desire to stand and walk before even considering crawling. Your cat-like reflexes & agility. The way you jut your chubby cheeks out and “scowl” when we try to kiss you. Your interest in eating your own hands, as well as your brother’s.

The hundreds of facial expressions that you make (along with your trademark pout) which tell us that you are going to have one big Texas-sized personality (as well as hair–which is getting longer and thicker every day).


We love your sweet, dimpled smile and infectious giggle. We love the smell of your head. The soft, blonde curls that sit on top of it.

We love how excited you get when you notice your sister. How happy it makes you to play with a new toy that you’ve never seen before (or maybe you have but you can’t remember…).

We love your love of music and light-up toys (but your love of Mommy’s iPhone? That could be a problem). We love your love of life.

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