Big month. Twins. On a plane. The thought of this sounded worse than snakes on a plane to me. (But not worse than the actual movie Snakes on a Plane. That movie was awful.)

My husband and I were having major anxiety about being the sole chaperones for P&G on their first flight to Florida. Those people who brought screaming, crying infants on a plane.

We purposely chose a direct flight to make it as quick and painless as possible. We escorted them through the airport in their bjorns rather than bringing a carseat and stroller because, thankfully, my parents had rented these things in Florida. This was a great move we thought because we never had to take them out of the bjorns as we would have had to do with their carseats/strollers. In fact, P slept on my chest, still in the bjorn, for the entire two hour flight from DFW to RSW. G was with Scott and had been moved to the back of the plane because the flight attendants caught our sneaky attempt at sitting in the same row (which apparently is not allowed with two infants because there aren’t enough oxygen masks) and made Scott switch seats with another passenger. Both babies had been asleep in their bjorns in the airport but G ended up waking up mid-flight. She cried for ten minutes and then, as my husband describes it, won over everyone around them with her flirtatious coos and smiles. She is a flirt, that G.


We decided our flight to Florida was a huge success and we were not quite as concerned for the flight home. We probably should have been. Maybe because the flight was in the early evening this time, the babies were both wide awake the entire time–in the airport and for most of the flight. We sat across the aisle from each other, which helped because it seemed to make other passengers more sympathetic realizing that we had twins (“You poor souls,” the guy next to me proclaimed as I sat down). He was extremely helpful–jiggling toys and helping me juggle my diaper bag with P in my lap (how did I end up with the big baby again?). My husband sat next to someone who wanted nothing to do with a baby in his row and basically ignored him and G the whole time. But at least he wasn’t rude. The flight attendant came by and held G multiple times, proudly exclaiming that she had the magic touch. (Which is really just that G likes to be walked around. But we let her think that).

All in all, it wasn’t too bad. Here are some tips for traveling with infant twins:

  • Don’t leave home without some ready-to-feed bottles. Whatever your go-to “ready-to-feed” is, you are going to want to be stocked. We use Gerber Good Start 3 oz. nursers (life-savers) which you can just snap disposable nipples onto. We figured six would be enough for the flight. It was for the first flight because they slept the whole time, but not for the second. We went through one bottle at take off and another at landing for each baby. But at times throughout the flight, the only thing that would soothe them in a pinch was a bottle. We could have used eight and because formula is considered medically necessary, there is not an ounce limit (as there is for other liquids) so we should have packed more than we thought we needed.
  • Toys galore. Entertainment was key for our flight home. The more lights, tags and crinkles at their fingertips, the better.
  • Consider finding access to a children’s area at the airport. My husband was a platinum member with American Airlines for traveling so much to see me in Indiana during our move to Texas. Due to his status, we had access to their Admiral’s Club at DFW which has an enclosed children’s area in it. This was a huge relief for us because we did not feel bad when G woke up and cried for a few minutes while we were sitting in there. We also changed their diapers right there instead of having to maneuver our way through the airport’s public restrooms to do it.
  • Bjorn it. We loved wearing the bjorns (but any carrier would do) and if we travel again while they are young we will definitely repeat this practice.
  • Strategize seating. We had heard that on some planes you cannot sit two infants in the same row, but I called American Airlines prior to our flight and the person I spoke with said it would be fine on our plane. Apparently she was wrong. The flight attendants on our flight said that there are not any planes that allow this (at least with AA). If you know that your airline doesn’t allow two infants in the same row, or if you are not sure, don’t chance it. Book two aisle seats next to each other, or whatever you think will work best for you.

& lastly, our little family’s first vacation photos:

G and her dad headed through airport security.

G and her dad headed through airport security.

P hangin' out at the Admiral's Club children's center after a quick diaper change.

P hangin’ out at the Admiral’s Club children’s center after a quick diaper change.

The discovery that he can kick, and a toy we really wanted to order for our house but found out it has been discontinued.

New favorite chair. If not for it being discontinued, we’d have ordered one for him at home.

Swimming for the first time as a family.

Swimming for the first time as a family.

& a first family beach photo.

And a first family beach photo.

The babies met their two newest cousins on the McLaughlin side...

The babies met their two newest cousins on the McLaughlin side…

As well as their Aunt Wendy...

As well as their Aunt Wendy…

Uncle Mike...

Uncle Mike…

…& Aunt Nissa. As well as Uncle Paul & Uncle Carl (not pictured).

…& Aunt Nissa.

They had their first twin discussion with Mimi & Gaga.

They had their first twin discussion with Mimi & Gaga.

And spent quality time with their sweet cousins.

And spent quality time with their sweet cousins.

Most importantly, we celebrated with joy, our first Christmas together.

Most importantly, we celebrated with joy our first Christmas together.

Happy 4 months, little ones!

Happy 4 months, little ones!

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