10 months. Wow. Only two more to go until we hit the big 1.


I look at the babies in googly-eyed wonder everyday. They are officially little people.

I’m trying my best to teach them new skills right now. We go to music class at a friend’s house every week and they’re learning to do things like wave and and rock back-and-forth to the beat. So cute.

My attempts at teaching them sign language have been futile thus far. But we’re working on some key baby signs like “more” and “eat”.

Food is big this month. Since they turned 9 months old I have been feeding them 3 meals a day, so that they now eat when I eat. I thought I would love getting to this stage when they could start to eat “normal” food. But I have to say…it adds a whole new dimension of work to my day. Whereas before, if I hadn’t had time to make some baby food myself, all I had to do was screw a spoon on a pre-made baby food pouch and there was lunch; now, much thought and effort goes into planning and preparing each meal. It can be fun. But it just makes me realize that with each new stage that we yearn to get to (‘if we can just make it to xyz, they’ll be more independent and things will finally get easier!’) there’s a tradeoff. It gets easier, but then some new concern/responsibility/challenge crops up.

We had a friend over for dinner the other night who has twins. We were telling him how tired we are. Don’t worry, he replied. It definitely gets easier. Right around age 4.

My food almost fell out of my mouth.

I don’t mean to sound negative. The fact is it never seems so bad because kids are so. darn. cute. The love and laughter I share with them and joy of being their momma makes everything worth it. Sappy, Hallmark-y, but true.

Although they’re just taking a few steps here and there right now, the flood gates are about to open. Not that we aren’t already at an all-time high in terms of activity, but they are so close to walking by themselves, and I know that’s going to be a game-changer.

Until then, I’m trying to savor these moments in which they’re still mostly crawling. It’s so awesome watching them as they experience new things, explore their way around a room. If I had to pick a favorite age so far, it might be now. Do I say that every month?

Happy 10 months to our sweet, sweet babies!

2 thoughts on “10 months: everything’s changing (soon)

  1. Christie

    Do your cheeks hurt from smiling at your beautiful babies?!?! They are so yummy!! I, too, have heard that 4 is magic. From our experience 1 was super fun and 2 was a breeze (aside from climbing out of his crib the week of his 2nd birthday) and nowhere near terrible. 3 has had it’s challenges with his demand to do EVERYTHING himself (he actually has thrown a few tantrums), and has given up naps. My friends with 4 year olds actually sit on the bench at the playground and sit on the side of the pool (sigh). BUT the crazy activities have started for some of them already. We were talking about this at the park and another friend said oh it doesn’t get really hard until 5-7 because they start talking back and getting emotional. Great. Then we’re almost to double digits and pre-teen years. AGH!!!!


  2. Kristie

    Your photos are so creative, fun and beautiful. We are also enjoying being parents to a wonderful set of boy/girl twins who are now 10 months old. These are our first children. We are learning all about the exciting journey of parenthood including the twin paparazzi. It’s amazing the attention these two little gifts attract. We were sharing a story with another set of parents of twin moms. People coming out from the next line even at the grocery store to look at your twins. This really happened and similar stories like it. My fellow twin mom says oh yes, we call this the twin paparazzi. I bet you know what I’m talking about. I was wondering how your friends are coping with you not being as attentive to their needs. We are gravitating to parents now. I have a few childless friends who feel neglected. We are enjoying our journey so much and we want everyone to be part but our energy is limited.


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