Well this is just embarrassing. Can I even call myself a blogger anymore?

The past two months have been a whirlwind.

11 months came and went. I barely noticed (sorry, kids). We had two separate bouts of colds (x2 because no twin escapes an illness) during month 11. A handful of doctor visits. House-hunting. Dog illnesses. Birthday party and vacation planning. It’s been hectic, emotional, and exciting to say the least.

Months 11 and 12 have had the same major theme: learning to walk. Both babies have been walking along furniture for the past two months. They are just now starting to take a few, daring, independent steps, before quickly falling on their bottoms.


11 month milestones included:

-A strong interest in examining and learning how everything works (especially wheels for Parker–he gets it from his papa?). They are so curious about their environment and just love to look at other kids.

-Shrill screeches and “donald duck” noises. For now, this appears to be how my kids communicate with each other. I know at least one person who is hoping that this is just a phase (me).

-Dancing to the beat. Turns out G has rhythm–Mimi calls her her “party girl”. Anytime there’s a song playing, you will catch her bobbing up and down with a big ol’ smile (if it’s a good beat, of course.  And the girl is like her mom; she has discerning taste when it comes to a good beat).


12 month milestones include:

-Clapping on demand. Especially when they see someone else clapping. Or anytime someone sings a nursery rhyme. Or anytime at all really.

-Waving hello and goodbye (we think. They are at least mimicking our waves).

-Transitioning to whole milk in a sippy cup. Throughout month 11 we replaced one bottle a day with a sippy cup of whole milk so that the kids would acclimate to strictly whole milk by their birthday. Not everyone does it this way, but, we did at the advice of our pediatrician. And it was no problem at all. The kiddos gulp up that whole milk and it’s a whoole lot cheaper than formula.

-Taking their first steps without holding onto anything, and walking everywhere with their walkers.

Happy birthday P&G! Thanks for making this the best year of our lives…you are too fun, bright, cheery, playful, cute and sweet for words.

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my babies you’ll be….








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