Play dates are one of the great perks of motherhood — socializing baby and drinking wine with fellow mommas. Who can say no to that? Aside from the normal diaper bag gear (diapers, bottles, changing pad, wipes…) I’ve compiled a list of some other (nonessential) essentials (and a link to them on Amazon):

51UTKmoDOwLLarge all-purpose blanket – for sunny days when you want to take the babies outside to crawl around together, or just to set down on your friend’s floor to avoid ruining her chic rug with spit-up.




41nxMrQJe4LWine sippy cup – this is genius, and really nice to have, I’ve noticed, around my grabby 7-month-olds that want to push over anything they come across on the ground or tabletops.





51JeTFnqSrL._AC_SP190,246,0,M_Sun hat – Flap Happy has some of the cutest infant sun hats that come with UPF 50+. They also make matching boy/girl sun hats with back-of-the-neck coverage.





41ejeFhxuoL._AC_SP190,246,0,M_Swimsuit – sure, this isn’t the most fashionable swimsuit, but I’m all about coverage with my extremely fair-skinned babies and these suits are awesome for coverage and have UPF protection. (don’t forget the swim diapers, too).





51jhT4SLKVL._SX450_Crawl-through tunnel – inspired by my most recent play date, where my friend had one of these sweet tunnels for the babies to crawl through (and because she’s an awesome friend, sent us home with an extra tunnel that they had, which we can’t wait to use). Ours aren’t quite crawling yet, but I know that once they start, this will be a big hit and a great activity to get all of the kiddos interacting with each other. Another plus, these can be scrunched down for easy toting to a friend’s house.



416asftJgoL._SP160,160,0,T_Boppy Pillow – this is something I always forget but is really helpful right now to put around my babies so that they don’t fall backwards while playing because they are just learning to sit up on their own. Saves us a lot of headaches (literally).




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