This is the word I try to reinforce with my husband for every holiday/birthday/occasion that calls for a gift. We can’t afford to spend a lot of money on gifts for each other (think of how much formula those earrings could have paid for!) so thoughtful (& inexpensive) is the rule in our house. But rarely do husbands sit down and put 30 minutes of thought into a gift (…or maybe that’s just my husband).

And then of course, by the time they do, it’s three days prior and too late to order something that needs to be monogrammed/personalized/etc.

Men, allow me to stand in for your wife’s BFF this year. Some last minute ideas that Amazon can have at your door in two days…


dogearedDogeared ‘You Are An Amazing Mom’ necklace

Thoughtful if: you think she is a great mom, and you want her to be able to wear something that represents that sentiment. This locket necklace is perfect–sentimental, simple & pretty.






Love ring

Thoughtful if: you want her to be reminded that you love her every time she wears something. I have it in white gold (it’s dainty, fits perfect, and I highly recommend it). This Grace ring or bracelet are awesome, too.





mommy’s juice tumbler

Thoughtful if: she loves wine & has a sense of humor. I hear my friends (and myself) saying it all the time when we get together. “No, no. This is mommy’s juice.”





diamond initial necklace

Thoughtful if: she doesn’t have any jewelry yet that has the name/initial of your kids. (There’s also a similar, much cheaper, twin momma version without the bling but with birth stone).





Book-1_thumbcraft-a-day book

Thoughtful if: she is into DIY/Pinterest/being crafty with the kids. I might just buy this for myself for Mother’s Day, since it’s inexpensive and my husband swears that he already has something thoughtful planned. It looks like tons of fun for mom & kiddos.


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