The babies are noticing each other now, big time. And their most important role in each other’s lives is to provide the other with a toy. Specifically, a toy that twin A is happily entertaining him/herself with, when, out of nowhere, TWIN B ATTACKS! Ok, it might not be that dramatic. But toy tug-o-war is about as exciting as our day gets right now. When people ask me what I’ve been up to lately I find myself speechless. The answer is complicated. A lot! And… Read more »


I am thrilled to be guest blogging today at about my (somewhat stressful) move to Dallas at 30 weeks pregnant with twins. Meredith and Amber are fellow twin moms in Dallas and have put together a great resource for twin moms at Twin Talk. Also, have you checked out It’s a fantastic app that allows you to search for and follow all of your favorite blogs, and receive email updates when they have new posts. It’s a great… Read more »