I can’t believe that P&G are closer to one year old than they are to one day old. It doesn’t seem possible that their birthday will be in just a few short months. As they say, time flies… This month marks the first time they have sat up without support (for longer than two seconds). They are both army crawling now, too. Wiggling their arms and legs around and “swimming” in the air. G is getting her bottom up and… Read more »


I’ve been looking forward to celebrating the twins’ “first” of every holiday this year, and initiating traditions with each one. Just like my mom did for me, I plan to hide their Easter baskets the night before and send them searching around the house on Easter morning for them. Of course, this year I will be hiding the baskets in plain sight, right in front of the babies’ cribs because they are only crawling about an inch at a time… Read more »

This magical Mamaroo contraption put our colicky baby to sleep many a night and nap time.

Before I had my twins, I scoured the internet looking for the very best baby products to register for and fill our house with in preparation for bringing home our babies. I was searching for lists of the top gadgets and gear for their first six months. Amazon’s Listmania was a great resource for me and was inevitably where I cross-compared different lists that moms had created of their favorite things. Several of my friends have requested this post, so… Read more »


I have been hearing about the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden since we moved to Dallas. It has a great Children’s Adventure Garden, whose ad (posted below) I kept seeing on TV during my pregnancy bed rest. I vowed to take the babies there once they reached an appropriate age, and at six months old they are just barely at that age. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that the children’s garden is separate from the main garden and requires an additional… Read more »