We have a lot of activities we frequent around town. One of them is mommy and me (MoMe) yoga at We Yogis every Friday at 11:15. It’s right down the street from us, which is one of the main reasons I’ve been taking P&G to this class since they turned two months old. If you’re looking for a good workout, this is not the class for you. But, it is a super sweet class. We sing nursery rhymes and do yoga… Read more »


It’s only fair, since I posted last-minute Mo’s Day gift ideas, that I continue the series with some budget-friendly Father’s Day options:   T-shirts. I know my husband loves a good casual shirt to wear on his day off. This one would be a good bet if your guy has a sense of humor. Or this one if he’s a big patriot and/or needs a cheeky Fourth of July shirt. Say it on a onesie. If you have bab(ies) at home, this onesie is… Read more »


I’ve been looking forward to celebrating the twins’ “first” of every holiday this year, and initiating traditions with each one. Just like my mom did for me, I plan to hide their Easter baskets the night before and send them searching around the house on Easter morning for them. Of course, this year I will be hiding the baskets in plain sight, right in front of the babies’ cribs because they are only crawling about an inch at a time… Read more »

This magical Mamaroo contraption put our colicky baby to sleep many a night and nap time.

Before I had my twins, I scoured the internet looking for the very best baby products to register for and fill our house with in preparation for bringing home our babies. I was searching for lists of the top gadgets and gear for their first six months. Amazon’s Listmania was a great resource for me and was inevitably where I cross-compared different lists that moms had created of their favorite things. Several of my friends have requested this post, so… Read more »