Ready for a good laugh? My amazing, accomplished friend, college roommate and fellow Theta sister, Nicolette, sent me this hilarious account of her experience visiting me for a weekend in twinmom-land… I live in LA, am single, and have a job in high-end jewelry that I love. Travel is common; time off is rare. My work life is demanding… or so I thought. Prior to visiting Dallas, I had spotted “#twinmom” pictures on Meri’s Instagram. She and a group of friends, whom… Posted by & filed under Mom Topics. This post has one comment.


I realize that the title of this post is a little confusing. This isn’t actually about P&G’s own first birthday party, but the first birthday party that they’ve ever attended, and it was momentous for its own reasons. For starters, because it was for their best twin friends. C&C are only a couple months older than them, and boy/girl twins as well. They are adorable, and have a lot of similarities to P&G. I must admit, I was extremely hesitant to take them… Read more »


My husband and I started P&G in swim lessons shortly after they turned 9 months old.  Upon mentioning this to other moms, I’ve gotten a variety of responses, ranging from “Isn’t that a little young?” to “I’ve heard it’s best to start them in swim lessons by 6 months.” Several people have told me that they’ve been told to introduce babies to swimming in a pool before 12 months of age. It’s funny the things you hear when you become a parent. Everyone… Read more »


It’s only fair, since I posted last-minute Mo’s Day gift ideas, that I continue the series with some budget-friendly Father’s Day options:   T-shirts. I know my husband loves a good casual shirt to wear on his day off. This one would be a good bet if your guy has a sense of humor. Or this one if he’s a big patriot and/or needs a cheeky Fourth of July shirt. Say it on a onesie. If you have bab(ies) at home, this onesie is… Read more »


I have experienced more than a few strange effects from giving birth. I had heard about all of them before having my babies, but never thought they would actually happen to me… 1.  Baby Hairs – When I was 4 months postpartum, right after I finished breastfeeding, I got my hair highlighted for the first time since before being pregnant. The stylist asked me if I had gotten my baby hairs yet (a row of tiny, broken off hairs along the hairline). I said… Read more »

My husband and I moved from Indiana to Texas when I was 30 weeks pregnant with our twins. My number one priority, after finding a great OB, was finding the right pediatrician for us here in Dallas. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and there are some things I now wish I had considered that I hadn’t thought of before.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our pediatrician, and I had to be resourceful to get into her practice because they… Read more »