I still remember getting fitted for contacts for the first time the summer before 6th grade. Prior to 6th grade I had been wearing glasses (with sweet multi-colored purple and pink frames, obviously) and the idea of heading into middle school with contacts seemed pretty cool. When I sat down at the desk to be fitted, the optometrist casually mentioned that they had new colored lenses available, in case I was interested. Colored lenses?!? Um, yes. Yes I was interested…. Read more »


I blogged a few months ago about the trials and tribulations we were facing in our attempts to rid our lives of pacifiers for good. I was taking a gradual approach with P&G (read: very gradual. Snail’s pace, really). And then we went to the dentist for their 2-year cleaning. The dentist started with great news: P&G’s teeth were in excellent shape thanks to our daily brushing. The bad news: P’s teeth weren’t touching when he closed his mouth. Although… Read more »

Every time I come upon a new obstacle in parenthood I approach it with the same tactic: research. Let’s just say disciplining doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m basically a sappy teddy bear and my natural response to any situation with my kids is to immediately cuddle, hug, and smother them in kisses. But as we have delved further into the land of tantrums, it’s become clear to me that as P&G get older, I need to set boundaries  and clear,… Read more »


This past weekend was awesome. There is nothing better than a weekend away with your girls, right? I mean seriously. I love my husband and kids, of course. But girlfriends are the best. We went to see Britney’s Vegas show (amazing), walked to Serendipity 3 for frozen hot chocolates, enjoyed delicious meals, checked out some retail/fashion inspiration for our Multiplicitees products, and just had the greatest time. I don’t often get time away from P&G; as I’ve talked about before,… Read more »


I must admit, I recently canceled our Netflix account. With two energizer bunnies running around, I just couldn’t justify paying for a service we don’t really have time to use anymore, especially when we have cable on top of it. Buuut….with this recent news about its groundbreaking unlimited paid parental leave for the first year after childbirth/adoption, and the ability to come back to work part-time if you so choose, I might just be renewing my account. I remember the angst… Read more »

For several weeks now I’ve been picking my friends’ brains about potty training. It’s looming over me like a storm cloud. I don’t know why potty training is so daunting. After tackling colic, NICU stays, acid reflux, RSV and more so far, I surprised myself at how much angst I have for this upcoming challenge of transitioning out of diapers. G seems like she is about ready to be trained. She has developed a ritual around going #2 and it generally consists… Read more »


P&G are almost 18 months old and I’m starting to feel the pressure. I keep hearing that 18 months is supposed to be a big month for speech development. As we get closer and closer, though, I find myself becoming skeptical. Oh, they talk all the time. But you would need me as an interpreter to know exactly what they mean by the sounds coming out of their mouths. And sometimes, there really is no meaning. It’s just babble. We read… Read more »


We are only a few weeks into our new life in the Big Apple. Already, I’ve encountered situations that had never crossed my suburban-mom mind. Some differences are a welcomed change. I love not having to finagle the babies in and out of car seats, eliminating an inconvenient middle step to every outing. My friend Meredith texted a few days ago to lament that on the drive home from her trip to IKEA, her twins fell asleep in their carseats…. Read more »


It’s 4:30. The dreaded “witching hour” has begun, and it’s been a long day. My toddlers are literally bouncing off the walls. They’ve both been screaming off and on for the past half hour. The entire room appears to be throbbing…or is it just in my head? Migraines have become a regular occurrence in my life since becoming a mom to toddlers. I’ve always gotten headaches, but it’s only been recently that they’ve gradually escalated in intensity. I hadn’t necessarily pinpointed the… Read more »


We are finally settled in NYC and I feel I can now safely say that 17 months is the most challenging age at which to move with twins (so far). We moved them when they were still in my belly, at 30 weeks. That was a breeze, mostly because I got to sit with my feet up ordering people around. We moved them again at 12 months old. That wasn’t actually terrible because they still weren’t walking much. They took a few… Read more »