The big T H R E E has arrived, and I’m later than ever to post about it. I’m busier than I was at one, or two. But life has a new rhythm to it, and I like it. I finally – after three years – feel as though I live a “normal” life again after welcoming the twins into the world and moving several times cross country. Age three though, it comes with its challenges. Three has been peppered with… Read more »


P&G turned 2 two days ago. I’m late posting about it. It seems I’m running late with everything lately. I’ve never been someone who’s chronically late. I like to be punctual, if not early. But now with two kids in tow…I’m late. Often. I always underestimate how much time it will take for me to get the kids ready, and overestimate my ability to get them ready quickly.   Today, however, for their 2-year check-up we were early! Hooray!    … Read more »


Well this is just embarrassing. Can I even call myself a blogger anymore? The past two months have been a whirlwind. 11 months came and went. I barely noticed (sorry, kids). We had two separate bouts of colds (x2 because no twin escapes an illness) during month 11. A handful of doctor visits. House-hunting. Dog illnesses. Birthday party and vacation planning. It’s been hectic, emotional, and exciting to say the least. Months 11 and 12 have had the same major… Read more »


10 months. Wow. Only two more to go until we hit the big 1. I look at the babies in googly-eyed wonder everyday. They are officially little people. I’m trying my best to teach them new skills right now. We go to music class at a friend’s house every week and they’re learning to do things like wave and and rock back-and-forth to the beat. So cute. My attempts at teaching them sign language have been futile thus far. But we’re… Read more »


My husband and I started P&G in swim lessons shortly after they turned 9 months old.  Upon mentioning this to other moms, I’ve gotten a variety of responses, ranging from “Isn’t that a little young?” to “I’ve heard it’s best to start them in swim lessons by 6 months.” Several people have told me that they’ve been told to introduce babies to swimming in a pool before 12 months of age. It’s funny the things you hear when you become a parent. Everyone… Read more »


My sister said this to me when her son was our babies’ age. Be careful, at 9 months they trick you. Meaning, they make you think you want another. It’s true, they are pretty darn cute at this age. They are learning new things every day. They are crawling, pulling themselves up to standing position, taking their first steps. Their personalities are really diverging. P is charming and personable. He smiles at everyone and giggles and laughs at other kids… Read more »


I can’t believe that P&G are closer to one year old than they are to one day old. It doesn’t seem possible that their birthday will be in just a few short months. As they say, time flies… This month marks the first time they have sat up without support (for longer than two seconds). They are both army crawling now, too. Wiggling their arms and legs around and “swimming” in the air. G is getting her bottom up and… Read more »

Happy 6 months, G&P!

Our babies are six months old today, and what a milestone month it is. They are starting to sit up on their own, sleeping through the night, attempting to crawl, talking and interacting with each other, playing with their feet, eating their hands (and toys) nonstop, and wanting to grab, pull, and explore everything with their tiny tentacles, also known as uncoordinated baby hands. They are not yet cutting any teeth, saying any discernible words, (though they do like to… Read more »

Around the three month mark I kept hearing from people “Do you have the babies on a schedule yet? You really should get them on a schedule. It’s so helpful.” I thought that I did have them on a schedule. “Sure,” I would say. “They eat every three hours starting at 5 AM and they sleep or play in between feedings.” One thing that is universally true about raising kids is that just as quickly as you get used to… Read more »

Big month. Twins. On a plane. The thought of this sounded worse than snakes on a plane to me. (But not worse than the actual movie Snakes on a Plane. That movie was awful.) My husband and I were having major anxiety about being the sole chaperones for P&G on their first flight to Florida. Those people who brought screaming, crying infants on a plane. We purposely chose a direct flight to make it as quick and painless as possible…. Read more »