Thoughtful. This is the word I try to reinforce with my husband for every holiday/birthday/occasion that calls for a gift. We can’t afford to spend a lot of money on gifts for each other (think of how much formula those earrings could have paid for!) so thoughtful (& inexpensive) is the rule in our house. But rarely do husbands sit down and put 30 minutes of thought into a gift (…or maybe that’s just my husband). And then of course, by the time… Read more »


Play dates are one of the great perks of motherhood — socializing baby and drinking wine with fellow mommas. Who can say no to that? Aside from the normal diaper bag gear (diapers, bottles, changing pad, wipes…) I’ve compiled a list of some other (nonessential) essentials (and a link to them on Amazon): Large all-purpose blanket – for sunny days when you want to take the babies outside to crawl around together, or just to set down on your friend’s floor to… Read more »

This magical Mamaroo contraption put our colicky baby to sleep many a night and nap time.

Before I had my twins, I scoured the internet looking for the very best baby products to register for and fill our house with in preparation for bringing home our babies. I was searching for lists of the top gadgets and gear for their first six months. Amazon’s Listmania was a great resource for me and was inevitably where I cross-compared different lists that moms had created of their favorite things. Several of my friends have requested this post, so… Read more »