This magical Mamaroo contraption put our colicky baby to sleep many a night and nap time.

Before I had my twins, I scoured the internet looking for the very best baby products to register for and fill our house with in preparation for bringing home our babies. I was searching for lists of the top gadgets and gear for their first six months. Amazon’s Listmania was a great resource for me and was inevitably where I cross-compared different lists that moms had created of their favorite things. Several of my friends have requested this post, so… Read more »

Happy 6 months, G&P!

Our babies are six months old today, and what a milestone month it is. They are starting to sit up on their own, sleeping through the night, attempting to crawl, talking and interacting with each other, playing with their feet, eating their hands (and toys) nonstop, and wanting to grab, pull, and explore everything with their tiny tentacles, also known as uncoordinated baby hands. They are not yet cutting any teeth, saying any discernible words, (though they do like to… Read more »


I have been hearing about the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden since we moved to Dallas. It has a great Children’s Adventure Garden, whose ad (posted below) I kept seeing on TV during my pregnancy bed rest. I vowed to take the babies there once they reached an appropriate age, and at six months old they are just barely at that age. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that the children’s garden is separate from the main garden and requires an additional… Read more »

Around the three month mark I kept hearing from people “Do you have the babies on a schedule yet? You really should get them on a schedule. It’s so helpful.” I thought that I did have them on a schedule. “Sure,” I would say. “They eat every three hours starting at 5 AM and they sleep or play in between feedings.” One thing that is universally true about raising kids is that just as quickly as you get used to… Read more »

Big month. Twins. On a plane. The thought of this sounded worse than snakes on a plane to me. (But not worse than the actual movie Snakes on a Plane. That movie was awful.) My husband and I were having major anxiety about being the sole chaperones for P&G on their first flight to Florida. Those people who brought screaming, crying infants on a plane. We purposely chose a direct flight to make it as quick and painless as possible…. Read more »

Hallelujah! We have made it three months with two babies. The biggest happening this month has been shots, which were technically their “2 month” shots but they actually occurred about a week after the twins turned two months old. I refer to shots as the “s word” not only because it is a scary event for new parents, but also because it is a controversial topic. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding immunizing babies and children and some… Read more »

P&G’s second month included a major new development of the bad kind: colic. I thought we would be one of the lucky families to quietly wade our way through parenting without a colicky baby. Around the twins’ one month “birthday”, I distinctly remember sitting around the dinner table with my husband and parents discussing how fortunate we were to have such happy, sweet babies. Then the colic monster reared its ugly head. At five weeks we started to notice that… Read more »

Our baby girl, G, and baby boy, P, came into the world prematurely, at exactly 35 weeks. My water broke at 12:30 AM, we drove to the hospital, checked in, waited two hours for our Dr. to show up, and gave birth to them via C-section, all with very little stress or fanfare. I never felt a contraction. They went straight to the NICU and spent two days there with no serious issues. They had perfect apgar scores, ate well,… Read more »