First, who has seen the amazing parental gift that is this video? I watched it at least 25 times yesterday. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why exactly I loved it so much until I realized… it’s because I no longer have to deal with this same kind of scenario myself. Hallelujah! I’m finally out of the baby woods!!! But I can relate so very much from my experience with raising P&G over the past few years. Fortunately, at 3.5… Read more »


The big T H R E E has arrived, and I’m later than ever to post about it. I’m busier than I was at one, or two. But life has a new rhythm to it, and I like it. I finally – after three years – feel as though I live a “normal” life again after welcoming the twins into the world and moving several times cross country. Age three though, it comes with its challenges. Three has been peppered with… Read more »

There is good news: Today was so. much. better. I couldn’t continue with my live blogging because I had to leave for the first half of the day to attend an orientation with a local org. I am going to be working with this fall while the kids are in school. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to get involved with it, but the timing for the orientation wasn’t great. My husband had to take over for this final day… Read more »

7:00a – kids are up and in undies. Despite our efforts to get them on the potty first thing when they woke up, neither went. 8:00a – we’ve eaten breakfast and the kids are on a steady diet of juice and water. No pee yet. 9:00a – first accident of the day. P peed right between the both of us in the kitchen in his underwear. Afterward he said “I have to pee” and I ran him to the potty,… Read more »

8:05a – Kids are up. Already defying the orders of the PT Gods – step 1 was to put both kids in a t-shirt and no pants. G was already saying when we walked into her room this morning “I want a NEW dress mama. New dress.” No shirt for her. So, P is in underwear and a tee and G is in underwear and a dress. 8:10a – threw diapers out. Introduced kids to potty and training urinal. P… Read more »

We’ve been approaching potty training for about a year. It’s been quite a slow approach. It’s kind of like when you’re on a flight and you hear the pilot say, “We are now approaching our descent for landing” but it’s still 45 minutes until you land. Well, we’ve been approaching our descent for landing for awhile now, and we’ve had a lot of false starts. It’s time to land. This weekend. So this is it. I’ve read the books, I’ve… Read more »

I still remember getting fitted for contacts for the first time the summer before 6th grade. Prior to 6th grade I had been wearing glasses (with sweet multi-colored purple and pink frames, obviously) and the idea of heading into middle school with contacts seemed pretty cool. When I sat down at the desk to be fitted, the optometrist casually mentioned that they had new colored lenses available, in case I was interested. Colored lenses?!? Um, yes. Yes I was interested…. Read more »


I blogged a few months ago about the trials and tribulations we were facing in our attempts to rid our lives of pacifiers for good. I was taking a gradual approach with P&G (read: very gradual. Snail’s pace, really). And then we went to the dentist for their 2-year cleaning. The dentist started with great news: P&G’s teeth were in excellent shape thanks to our daily brushing. The bad news: P’s teeth weren’t touching when he closed his mouth. Although… Read more »

I recently finished reading the book Positive Discipline for Preschoolers, the third discipline book I’ve read in as many months. Reading these books has been my way of processing and wrapping my brain around this extremely challenging new phase of parenthood, the “terrible twos”. This book emphasizes two qualities, kindness and firmness, in the disciplining of our children. It takes a more general, birds’ eye view of discipline and raising kids during the toddler/preschool years, although its advice is geared… Read more »

My super-nerdy 3-part book review continues with a review of No-Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. The premise of this book is that central to discipline is actually teaching–and reacting punitively (time-outs, spanking, etc) to your toddler’s bad behavior is not the correct response. According to the authors, fear and punishment are only short-term solutions, and are not effective over the long run. The book advises that prior to responding to misbehavior, we ask ourselves three… Read more »